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Experience the Life out of the Nest and Learn to think out of the Box

We believe travel plays an integral part in education. A tour to any destination is an experience that your students will remember as one of the highlights of their education. It helps to develop social skills and team building, stimulates personal growth, adaptation and observation skills and gives the opportunity to learn about other culture and customs.

Planning and completing a educational trip should be an enjoyable and educational experience for all concerned and we work hard to make sure the pre-tour planning and travel experience with ease. We focus on making sure that your group will experience a tour that fits with their abilities and expectations.

Our team is well travelled and has many years experience planning tours. One of our team will be designated to help your group from the beginning planning process right through to the end of your tour. If you prefer, one of our team members will travel with your group to make sure that everything runs smoothly. We will provide you with innovative tour suggestions and are always conscious of your budget.

One of our main focuses is to make sure that your students are safe and secure during their tour. 

  • We provide top quality tours at the best price possible.

  • We customize innovative itineraries to suit your educational and budgetary needs.

  • Our professional team has many years experience helping their tours.

  • We pay detailed attention to safety and security of our groups.

  • Plan your trip with ease, from start to finish - we provide pre-tour planning notes including suggestions for meetings and timing guidelines.

  • We're friendly too!

India Tour Package by Lemon Holidays
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